Sunday, 27 August 2006

Tory tax cuts

Supposedly, George Osbourne, the Shadow Chancellor, has told the Sunday Telegraph that the Conservatives may abolish stamp duty and taxation on pensions.

Of course, the Tories are a big government party, like all of the major British parties. If Cameron won the general election in 2009/10, then we as libertarians shouldn't really expect any drastic or radical reductions in the size and scope of the state. These measures don't really go far enough, at all. As a market anarchist, you'd expect me to advocate the abolition of ALL taxes.

As a libertarian, I have no real attachment or affinity with the Conservatives at all. British Conservatism, in modern times, has always been statist in nature. Thatcher may have attempted to reduce the size of government, but she didn't to any great degree. Fiat money, monetary policies, education, healthcare, the welfare state, etc. all existed under Thatcher.