Friday, 14 July 2006

Knife amnesty

More than 100,000 knives were handed to the police during the knife amnesty in June.

Of course, the state would welcome this, since society is being made "safer". But outlawing knives would only have a minimal effect. People in the underworld can still obtain knives, just as people in the underworld can still obtain guns.

Also, who is to say what means can you used to defend oneself? In some US states, people are permitted to have "concealed carry" weapons. This means that they can carry a gun or weapon on their person, which is concealed, for protection of their person. If anything, we should have the same scheme in the UK.

How would a market anarchy deal with this? Well, maybe membership of a protection agency/DRO would require concealed carry or at least permit it. DRO membership could also forbid it, if necessary. Still, the market would offer lots of options regarding personal defence in an anarcho-capitalist society.