Tuesday, 4 July 2006

The "West Lothian Question"

The Conservatives are proposing to stop Scottish MP's from voting on English issues, if they achieve power at the next general election.

It's about time there some kind of answer to this question. It's not fair or just for English MP's not to vote on Scottish issues, but Scottish MP's can vote on English issues. New Labour really should have thoroughly considered this whilst they were outlining plans for devolution.

The libertarian stance on this? Well I cannot naturally speak for all British libertarians. And evidently as a market anarchist, I don't believe in the state at all. Personally I think this issue should be resolved by making the UK a truly federal state. Have Westminster retain control over foreign affairs, economic policy, defence, etc. But let England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have control over all other policy issues. We'd probably have to create a codified constitution for this arrangement to come into effect, but so what? The current British constitution is "unlibertarian" in the sense that there are few to little provisions for limited government. I'd favour a constitutionally limited government as a stepping stone to a market anarchy situation.