Friday, 7 July 2006

Anniversary of London Bombings

Today is the anniversary of the London Bombings.

My thoughts regarding it haven't changed since the actual attack. I believe the attack occured because of Blair's intervention in Iraq and our "special relationship" with the United States. I disagree with Blair in saying that the Islamists "hate our way of life".

Look at it this way. Let's say these Islamist extremists do hate Western values and liberal democracy. Why is it that Al Qaeda have claimed responsibilty for attacks in only THREE Western liberal democracies in the world (,i.e. the USA, the UK and Spain)? If they despise liberal democracy so much, then why be so selective in whom they attack? Are America, Britain and Spain the most powerful or influential liberal democracies? Well the USA and the UK are relatively powerful nations, but Spain isn't (at least not to the same degree).

I believe the solution to Islamist terrorism is not to provoke them into attacking us. Britain should remove ALL troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and the entire Middle East. Of course, in a market anarchy situation there would be no state who could send troops overseas. Instead, if people want to voluntarily fight in war zones around the world, then they should be free to do so. At least then, the entire population would not be a target for people who feel agrieved or have been wronged.