Saturday, 5 August 2006

French youth coming to Britain

A story on the BBC News website seemed intriguing.

Supposedly, a number of French twenty-somethings are settling in the UK, because the UK possesses greater job opportunities.

It seems that this is one primary benefit of having a less regulated economy. Granted its not up to the libertarian ideal, nonetheless our economy isn't as regulated as France's (or Germany and Italy) and is clearly more "Anglo-Saxon" in nature.

Because our economy is slightly less regulated, it means more jobs are being created. Imagine if we did live in a market anarchy. Without ANY regulations on business, job opportunities would be far more plentiful than they are today!! We would be a Mecca for people across Europe and the world, who would be seeking opportunity and greater liberty.

Being honest, France probably does have a higher quality of life than the UK. However, this is probably can be attributed to the difference in culture between the two nations, as opposed to any inherent or intrinsic aspect of France. In general I think the French people have to gravely consider whether "dirigisme" is worth it in the long run, if not for the future wellbeing of the French economy. The French economy has grown at a slower average rate than other G8 economies over the past decade. Evidently some reform is needed if this situtation is to be rectified.