Thursday, 15 June 2006

Kate Moss drug charges

The CPS have stated that the drug charges against Kate Moss will be dropped. This was because the precise nature of the drug she was using couldn't be identified, even though there was video evidence of Kate Moss taking drugs and passing them onto others.

This is good news.

The Libertarian Alliance (see links) produced a press release about this, and I wholeheartedly agreed with it. ALL drugs should be legal. From crystal meth, to crack, to speed, to pot.

NO state or government possesses the right to tell its citizens what they can put in their body. Drug taking also is a victimless crime. No one's rights are violated if someone ingests drugs.

How would a market anarchy deal with drug taking? Well perhaps a specific DRO could stop its clients from taking drugs. Maybe some DRO's would offer drug rehabilition services for its clients. Still, the decision to take drugs, and face the rational consequences of doing so, would rest with the individual.