Monday, 22 May 2006

Seeing the light (so to speak...)

I was a staunch minarchist once, but now identify more as a market anarchist (or "free marketeer" as Ian on Free Talk Live calls it). I suppose I've made this change largely because of some introspection, and listening to some of Stefan Molyneux's podcasts (see links on the right).

Minarchism is contradictory in nature. If government is force, and libertarians oppose force, then how can a minarchist accept government at all!? It's like saying cancer is bad, but limited cancer is good. Also, government is most efficiently funded by taxation. Even if there were a minor sales tax in place to fund the state, it still amounts to force against one's property. I'd state that anarcho-capitalism is the logical extension of libertarian thought.

From now on, you'd see a far more market anarchist-oriented view on issues here.