Tuesday, 18 April 2006

25% of voters "may vote for BNP"

According to a survey conducted by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, approximately 25% of British voters would be prepared to vote for the British National Party. Naturally, this has caused alarm to the major parties, who denounce the BNP as racist.

The UK is a liberal democracy, and thus relies on the pluralism of political opinion. This means that the BNP possess a right to air their views and run for office. Any move to ban them would be undemocratic and contrary to the principles of liberal democracy.

There also is the issue of freedom of expression. Libertarians would value few (if any) limits to freedom of expression. If people find the views of the BNP objectionable then they can ignore or shun the party.

The BNP's popularity is rising because white working class people are feeling excluded and marginalised by immigrant populations. Libertarians, in general, have few problems concerning immigration. Nevertheless, government is at fault here. It's the state who gives preferential treatment to asylum seekers and economic migrants.

If anything, the market should handle any problem that arises from immigration. In a libertarian society, private companies and organisations would provide support to immigrants. This is preferable from government acting as the carer, since support would be voluntary and not coerced.