Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Blair and his "illiberal" agenda

The PM has hit out at critics, who have rebuked his government for its illiberal policices, especially in regards to crime and anti-terrorism measures.

Blair has cited the Human Rights Act as an example of New Labour's liberal credentials. But Mr. Blair, the European Convention on Human Rights is simply full of positive rights! No one really should have a right to education, or health care. These are positive rights, which have no basis in logic.

Blair also claims that protecting individuals' rights to safety and security justifies these harsh measures. Do they really? Why can't the market protect people who fear crime? If there is a demand for something, then someone guided by self-interest would provide the supply to meet that demand. Stefan Molyneux (see links on the right) has advocated the existence of DRO's (Dispute Resolution Organisations), which would provide the same services in a free society that the state maintains today. This is just one solution regarding the tackling of crime in a free society.