Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Charles Clarke and John Prescott

I saw a brief glimpse of Clarke's report to the House of Commons yesterday. In regards to this affair, I feel he should resign, since he has demonstrated gross incompetence.

My stance on human rights treaties, doesn't need to be re-iterated here. Nevertheless, if someone is an asylum seeker and violates the law whilst they are resident in this country, then they should be deported. They possess no right to betray the hospitality of the British government.

How would a libertarian society deal with this? Well, under a minarchist regime, I would favour the aforementioned route. In an anarcho-capitalist "DRO" society, maybe specific DRO's would be responsible for punishing criminals.

As for Prescott, I'm not really interested about his supposed affair. I don't believe he should resign, in this instance. Sleaze and politicians go together like ham and eggs or strawberries and cream, so in that sense I'm not surprised.