Friday, 19 May 2006

Libertarian outreach

As a libertarian, I'm quite eager to spread liberty and work towards the creation of a freer society. This is the primary reason why I hope to start a libertarian outreach organisation in the near future. I've contacted Dr. Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance and hope to discuss with him and Dr. Evans (the president of the LA) the possibility of establishing such a group, which will work in partnership with the LA.

In my mind, the group would seek to:

a) Spread libertarian ideas to the public at large.

b) Attract "libertarian leaning" people to libertarian thought. There probably are a number of people who hold libertarian-like ideas on issues, but haven't heard of libertarianism, nor know of a name for such values.

c) Be a meeting place for libertarians. As a libertarian I often feel isolated, since I don't know many other like-minded people. Birds of a feather do flock together, so British libertarians may feel more content knowing that others share their views.

d) Secure the next generation of libertarians. If advancing liberty is to be an ongoing struggle, then it may surpass our lifetimes. We need people in the future who are willing to disseminate libertarian issues if we're ever going to create a freer society.

I would hope to model the organisation on Downsize DC or the Advocates for Self-Government, both of which are American libertarian groups committed to outreach and spreading libertarian values in the wider society. Of course there are issues of funding, seeking premises/staff, attracting members, etc. but these will be tackled in time.

I used to believe in the creation of a British libertarian political party, but know I believe that's a foolish idea. In Western society, people are far too statist in thinking to quickly accept libertarian beliefs. They need constant "education" away from statism, so liberty can be given an opportunity to shine.

I'll post regular updates regarding my work in relation to this topic.