Friday, 30 March 2007


Supposedly the House of Lords has voted against some secondary legislation arising from the new Gambling Act. Even still, the government remain confident that plans for new casinos in the UK are still feasible.

Unsurprisingly, there are few comments made in favour of a total free market in gambling. I don't understand why the general public fear free markets so much.

Would there be more people gambling in a total free market? Maybe so. If this a good thing? Well people hold the right to use their property how they wish. It is their property, and hence an extension of their self-ownership. Would there be more gambling addicts? Again, maybe so. But in many cases, an addiction to something is often an innate characteristic in a person. Not everyone will necessarily become an addict if gambling was more prevalent in society. Would children be at harm? Well the mechanics of the free market would step in, in this instance. Since society values the security of children, people wouldn't have to do business with casinos that served children. Also, in response to consumer demand, casinos may also self-regulate and actively refrain from serving children.