Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Prostitution "crackdown"

The Home Office have announced plans which shall crackdown on prostitution within England & Wales.

The plans include taking away the driving licences of kerb-crawlers and aiding street prostitutes to find alternative vocations.

To me this simply confirms New Labour's authoritarianism. Granted, street prostitution can "blight" areas. Therefore, it should simply be a matter of property rights. In a libertarian society, roads and residential areas may be privately owned. If people in residential areas don't want prostitutes in their area, they'd possess the means to deny them the ability to work in such areas.

The government also want to alter laws which limit the number of prostitutes that can work in flats and massage parlours. I'd agree this form of prostitution was safer and that most women working in these places choose to work within prostitution.

Of course, prostitution is a victimless crime. If two people agree to have sex in exchange for payment, then no force or fraud against the person or property of another is being committed.