Thursday, 15 December 2005

Libertarians in Australia.

After browsing through
Wikipedia, I noticed that a new libertarian political party has formed in Australia. I don't know how many members this party has, buy they claim to have started in 2005.

Australia already has a more moderate libertarian party called the Liberal Democratic Party. They haven't received much electoral success yet, nevertheless they don't post candidates in all elections in Australia. I think they haven't had any candidates for federal elections.

You can accuse me of thinking the "grass is greener over there", nonetheless it's pleasing and also frustrating to see proactive libertarian movements elsewhere. I've already stated that the British libertarian movement can learn things from libertarians overseas.

I think libertarianism in Europe is in a poor state, especially in comparison with other parts of the world. The UK, to my knowledge, is the only country in Europe with a recognised libertarian pressure group or hub. I've never heard of an equivalent in France or Germany.

I just think more could be done to spread the message of liberty in the UK. Some UK libertarians believe hope for a more socially and economically liberal Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. I believe such a hope is misguided. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have nothing to gain at present by becoming more "liberal". Would Cameron risk losing the "centre ground", by advocating the end of the welfare state? Besides, there is one point that these libertarians fail to realise.

Libertarianism is a LOT deeper than simply believing in social and economic liberty. To be a libertarian means you oppose the initiation of force against the person and property of another. It's from this position that libertarians arrive at socially and economically liberal viewpoints. I find it unlikely that the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats would readily accept such a belief and deal with the logical conclusions from holding such a belief.