Thursday, 15 December 2005

CIA planes

I was watching PMQ's yesterday. Charles Kennedy asked Blair a question in regards to CIA planes being allowed through UK airspace. These planes supposedly were carrying terror suspects, who were going to be tortured for information.

Blair stated that the UK government opposes torture in any fashion and is a signatory to a UN treaty on torture. However, he scoffed at a suggestion from Kennedy, when asked if UK authorities should search American planes that enter UK airspace.

My position on this "war on terror" has been stated over and over here. IMO, it's wrong to state they "hate our freedom", since this hasn't really been substantiated to any great degree. I feel if the UK didn't support US interventionism, then the likelihood of terrorism would fall.

For once though, I agree with Blair. No British government should support torture, in any shape or form. This evidently constitutes the initiation of force on the person, which should be the duty of government to protect. By committing torture, the government could not possibly claim to uphold it's people's rights.