Friday, 23 December 2005

Freedom of association?

A smoker from Somerset was sacked from her job, simply for being a smoker. Dataflow Communications (the firm who sacked the smoker) stated that they don't employ smokers, because they want healthy employees.

This is simply a good instance of freedom of association. If Dataflow don't want to employ smokers, then it's their right. People should be free to associate with anyone they choose and on any basis.

If anything, the market will sort any "injustice" out as a consequence of freedom of association. In a libertarian society, there will be fewer regulations on business, so starting a rival business would be easier than it is now. Also, companies that choose to discriminate probably wouldn't be very popular. Therefore they would lose out to competitors. The point here is to compete, if anyone is "treated badly" like Ms. Blinham.