Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Blair and 'respect' (not the political party)

In the debate after yesterday's Queen's Speech, the PM emphasised creating greater 'respect' in society, with the Bills to be presented before Parliament in the new session.

Sorry, but I always thought respect was earned and not bestowed. What aspects of 'respect' is Blair referring to exactly?

He probably means that criminals should demonstrate greater 'respect', especially to their victims. Well if such people initiate force or fraud against the person and property of another, then sue or prosecute them. But New Labour's legislative programme also includes a Bill for the implementation of ID cards.

I don't see how such a law would denote 'respect', certainly not for one's personal liberties. I see no reason why I should carry a piece of plastic with me, simply because the state says I should. Who is the government to keep tabs of its citizens? Of course, Blair and co. believe that such a scheme would aid immigration curbing efforts and deter terrorists. Well, Mr. Blair, IMO, should realise that immigration in itself is not a negative thing. And that the true reason behind any 'threat' to the UK from Islamist terrorists has never been truly substantiated. Heck, I doubt the Americans even know the true reason behind 9/11 and the World Trade Center destruction.

It's nice to see the Lib Dems opposing this though, notwithstanding my views on the ideology of 'new liberalism'. If Kennedy at al could be committed to reducing the size of government and reducing governmental force from society and peoples' lives then they may be a party I'd consider supporting.