Sunday, 8 May 2005

Electoral reform

New Labour may have won the May 5th election, but only secured 35% of the popular vote. The Tories gained 32% yet have half as many Commons seats as Labour. Not surprisingly, there have been calls to alter the electoral system from FPTP or a PR based system. I'd generally concur with such a move.

As I stated in a previous entry, I used to be quite a strong advocate of FPTP. Recently though, I've started to believe that FPTP is an unjust system. It simply produces disproportionate results. Also, no British government in many decades has secured an absolute majority (,i.e. 50%+) of the popular vote. There is the possibility that 'extreme' parties (such as the BNP) could attain representation. Nonetheless, we are a liberal democracy and naturally we should tolerate differing political views.

I'd personally favour the implementation of AV+ or perhaps Additional Member System (or AMS). If I were Tony Blair, I'd hold a referendum concerning the alteration of the current electoral system.

As a libertarian, I feel PR could be beneficial in spreading the libertarian message in this country. Since New Labour are increasing public expenditure and broadening regulation, our country needs a voice that will advocate smaller government, less regulation, removing force from governmental and personal actions and getting the government out of the lives of the people.