Thursday, 28 April 2005

New Labour and business

Blair and Brown have promised to promote the interests of business if they win a third successive term on May 5th.

Mr Blair told an audience of business leaders that Britain had never worked so productively, created so much wealth or so many jobs.

I suppose this is a truthful statement. UK productivity has improved in relation to other G8 nations, albeit our country is still some way behind the United States in that respect.

But he stressed that countries such as India and China were now competing with the UK on skills as well as costs.

IMO, it's wrong to state that lower business costs are the entire reason why Western companies outsource. The amount of regulation is also a key factor, I feel. I agree with Harry Browne in this instance.

It's a positive thing that New Labour are seeking to aid business. But I don't believe they are going far enough. Businesses are often inundated with complex tax forms. Completing such paperwork takes time from selling or producing a specific good or service, which is in part why such organisations are in existence. Ultimately, businessowners simply desire to trade and make a profit in peace.

Evidently I'd advocate the repeal of all business taxation, in addition to the repeal of anti-discrimination legislation. Such an attitude may seem politically incorrect (I detest PC, but that's a another argument). However, businessowners should be free to run their business as they see fit, even if they choose to discriminate in terms of serving customers or hiring and firing. Such actions do not infringe on the person or property of another.