Thursday, 5 May 2005

Election today!

Well today is polling day. In the early hours of Friday morning, we'll know if Blair continues to be PM or whether Michael Howard can become the new Prime Minister. Personally, I believe Labour will win, but with a reduced majority in the House of Commons. I voted for the Conservatives, largely because I'm upset with Blair taking the country to war against Iraq.

One thing that intrigues me will be the level of the turnout. In 2001, it was the lowest for several decades. I don't really think it will improve this time, as the electorate are still fairly apathetic.

I also reckon that the electoral system should be altered in future general elections. I used to be a strong fan of first-past-the-post, but recently I've started to believe there should be some room for reform. Yes, PR nor first-past-the-post are perfect systems. Nevertheless, I'd favour the implementation of AV+, which shares characteristics of both systems.