Saturday, 14 May 2005

Dr. Sean Gabb's VI Form libertarian talk

Dr. Sean Gabb is a prominent member of the libertarian community in the United Kingdom and is a member of the Libertarian Alliance (see links on the right). He is also a co-poster with me on the Libertarian Alliance Yahoo group.

He speaks regularly on the radio regarding current affairs from a libertarian perspective and is a keen debater. On the yahoo group I noticed a talk Dr. Gabb made to some VI Form students, about the basics of libertarianism. In general, I agreed with his description of the libertarian philosophy. But the questions the students asked were from a typical (IMO) leftist viewpoint. Are all young people so left-of-centre?

I think it was Winston Churchill who once stated that 'a conservative under 30 has no heart, a socialist over 30 has no brain'. I wonder if there is any truth in such a statement?