Thursday, 24 March 2005

Blair - no confidence

Since it has been revealed that the war on Iraq was based on a false premise, how can Blair ETHICALLY defend going to war? He is a Christian, isn't he? So how is such a love of war justified (this applies to President Bush also)?
Shouldn't a motion of no confidence be passed against the New Labour government? In essence, they tricked the country into war against Iraq. In that sense, I cannot see how Parliament can possess confidence in such a government.

OK, yes some MPs attempted to impeach Blair, but such an action never had much opportunity of succeeding (and was an obscure constitutional convention anyhow). A motion of no confidence (unlike an impeachment of a British PM) has occurred within living memory.

Blair should confront the consequences of his acts as head of government and resign if a motion of no confidence is ever passed. At least then, Gordon Brown can be PM.