Saturday, 19 March 2005


The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke MP, has ordered a reassessment as to whether cannabis should be a Class C drug. This is due to their being health concerns surrounding the consumption of cannabis. According to Mr. Clarke, there are several studies that denote cannabis consumption can lead to psychosis and other mental illnesses.

Howard and the Conservatives were against the re-classification of cannabis and have pledged to restore the previous position if they become the party of government. The Tories believe this potential u-turn by Labour shows that the government 'got it wrong'.

My view on this issue shouldn't be too hard to ascertain or fathom. ALL narcotics should be legal. This is because the war on drugs simply doesn't work and there is no apparent sign of it ever working. Also, who is to state what a person can ingest or put into their body? Call me callous or unsympathetic, but it's irrevelant if cannabis causes mental illness. With freedom comes responsibility; a person should be free to smoke cannabis whilst recognising the consequences of his actions.