Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Terry Schiavo case

This case in the United States intrigues me. Congress passed a law stating that she couldn't have her feeding tube cut off. Christian groups in the United States have welcomed the new legislation. Supposedly Bush feels this is a just law.

Such an action by Congress only seeks to reinforce that the United States is becoming less of a free country. First, there was the Patriot Act and now this. What right does the state have in determining whether she should live or die? It is HER LIFE. Ergo, she should only possess the right to terminate it or not.

Besides aren't Christians supposed to compassionate? If so, how can they permit a woman to live such a life? Of course, Christians would state she would 'go to hell' if euthaniasia was performed here. But didn't God give man free will? Such a state would enable a person to violate 'God's commands' if they choose.