Thursday, 10 March 2005

PM blasts Lords' for voting against the Anti-Terror Bill

Supposedly Tony Blair is angry at the House of Lords for blocking the Anti-Terror Bill. He states that if the Bill doesn't pass through the House of Lords it would be 'irresponsible'. Personally I fail to see the justification for such a bill.

Is it really worth risking civil liberties for extra 'security'? The government state there is a 'threat' to the United Kingdom from Islamist terrorists. However, they have failed to substantiate the nature of this threat. Evidently Blair and the Cabinet feel that these Islamists 'hate our freedom' and are determined to undermine and annihilate our liberal democracy. US President Bush often cites this reason. Has it ever been proven that this is the case? I don't believe so. Yes, some strains of fundamentalist Islam probably do not approve of liberal democracy, nonetheless no one has attempted to explain why now (the UK has displayed elements of liberal democracy since the 19th century) Islamists supposedly want to destroy our democractic system.