Thursday, 27 May 2004


In the papers today, there was a story concerning a three year old child who died as a result of obesity. Supposedly the medical profession was 'shocked' to hear about this. Evidently the parents must be held fully accountable and should have maintained a greater control over the child's diet.

Why should it be the role of the state to determine what people can or cannot eat? Ultimately personal responsibility is the key in this instance. Why go to McDonalds when you can go to Subway? Why not go to a sandwich bar instead of frequenting Burger King or KFC? McDonalds or Burger King do not actively force people to eat their food, do they?

With freedom comes responsiblity. To be free means that you should respect others' freedoms and recognise the consequences of your actions. If you eat too much unhealthy foods, then you must realise that such consumption would in the long run have a detrimental effect on your health.