Saturday, 24 April 2004

The EU constitution referendum

Earlier this week, the PM made a noted u-turn by stating that a referendum would occur regarding the UK ratifying the proposed constitution for the European Union. The Conservatives have cited this as a 'victory' for them, since Howard and co. have been advocating a referendum for some time. As yet, no date has been set or outlined for the referendum.

Referenda generally (it could be argued) are 'alien' to British political culture and traditions. The last referendum involving all parts of the UK was in 1975, when the Wilson Labour government asked the electorate whether they wished Britain to remain a member of what is now the EU. Evidently it was a 'yes' vote. We are also 'promised' a referendum relating to whether the UK should join the Euro, once the 'five tests' have been analysed and met.

To me, why Blair has changed his mind on this issue is irrelevant. At the least, we have an opportunity to decide whether the UK should cede EVEN MORE sovereignty to the EU. The greater the amount of governmental self-government that is surrendered could equate to more personal sovereignty. Obviously as a libertarian, I oppose such a notion or occurance.