Tuesday, 4 May 2004


The government are looking to introduce ID cards in order to 'protect' the British people. They believe that especially in this climate of terror, it is important to promote extra security. Supposedly the ID's would take the form of a facial, iris or fingerprint scan.

As a libertarian, you can easily guess my attitude to such a scheme. The majority of British people claim not to be bothered by the implementation of ID cards. That's their view, but I wholly disagree.

What RIGHT does the state have to retain information of this manner of its citizens? Would a police officer have a right to ask you for your card on demand?

Why do we NEED to 'protect' ourselves from terrorists? What quarrell do they TRULY possess with us, apart from allying ourselves with the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The whole notion of ID cards in this instance is completely illiberal and must be opposed.