Saturday, 5 May 2007

This week's elections

So the SNP won more seats in Holyrood than Labour did and probably would be the primary party in a coalition.

I'm not sure if this denotes a greater desire for independence. Nonetheless, I'm indifferent to the notion of Scottish independence. If Scots really want to become a sovereign country, then Westminster shouldn't stop them.

An independent Scotland would probably be quite a statist place though. Scotland's political culture is quite left of centre, after all. Supposedly the Republic of Ireland is a model for a potentially sovereign Scotland. Ireland reduced its corporation taxes, became more business friendly and has blossomed into the "Celtic Tiger". Could Scotland emulate that and become a "Tartan Tiger"? Only time will tell.

So what's the market anarchist/voluntaryist perspective on this? Well to reiterate, I fear Scotland would be very statist if it ever became independent. I feel Scotland needs some kind of free market voice, so an alternative to statism can be aired. Because of the socialist political culture, Scotland cannot be that favourable a place for the average libertarian.