Wednesday, 4 October 2006

David Cameron speech

I caught most of Cameron's speech at the Conservative Party conference.

Of course, it was chock full of big government rhetoric and tripe. I shouldn't really expect any different, certainly as far as the major political parties are concerned.

His idea for a "Bill of Rights" seemed intriguing though. The Tories are yet to state how they would deal with the concept of parliamentary sovereignty (which is a negative thing, since governmental law making powers should be limited) and ensure that a future Labour (or even Conservative) government wouldn't repeal it. The USA Bill of Rights cannot be repealed by a mere Act of Congress since it's actually part of the constitution. Even though I now identify as a market anarchist, my principal objection to a Tory Bill of Rights would be any "positive rights" contained within it. The Bill of Rights listed within my mock British constitution would be a far superior document ;).