Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Smoking ban

MP's voted for a ban in p
ublic places in England yesterday. The ban will come into effect in 2007.

I don't smoke, nonetheless I'm opposed to this ban. I think the market can handle any dilemma that arises here.

Evidently, there is a demand for non-smoking establishments. There would also be demand for establishments in which smoking is permitted. If such a demand exists, then someone will cater for it.

Even now, restaurants have smoking and non-smoking areas. Did government institute this? No. It was simply the market responding to demand from their customers. If companies in a capitalist society don't respond to customer demand, they lose money and face the threat of their business facing bankruptcy.

Pubs, restaurants and clubs aren't even "public" places. They are private entities and as such should be free to set their own rules. Private property rights should be paramount here.

The smoking ban in New York City hasn't worked and is very unpopular with New Yorkers.