Friday, 27 January 2006

Simon Hughes

Over the past day or so, Simon Hughes has admitted to having gay relationships in the past. This is despite denying he was homosexual in a prior TV interview.

Rather like the Oaten affair, I'm relatively indifferent to this scandal. He clearly lied about his sexual orientation and he has owned up to such deceit. Even Peter Tatchell has forgiven him for a supposedly "homophobic" electoral campaign in 1983, in which Tatchell ran as a Labour candidate.

Like Oaten, Hughes has not committed an illegal act and should not be forced to resign as an MP. I believe that the private lives of politicians should remain private, unless they are breaking the law or initiating force or fraud against another individual.

I don't think this would affect Hughes' leadership challenge that much. Attitudes towards homosexuality within British society have liberalised over the past few decades. Even still, the Liberal Democrats remain a worthless "social liberal" party.

Social/modern/new liberalism erks me because it places less emphasis on freedom and more on welfare and helping the disadvantaged. I cannot name a policy the Lib Dems' have advocated in recent times which would genuinely increase liberty in this country.