Sunday, 20 November 2005

Support of the Iraq war

I was listening to Harry Browne's radio show earlier today. He was having a heated discussion with Eric Dondero, a neo-libertarian who supports the Iraq war.

Browne and Dondero disagreed regarding the proper response for 9/11 and whether the war in Iraq was just or not.

If I were American, I would try to ascertain why Al Qaeda resorted to destroying the World Trade Center. Terrorists don't attack targets for no reason. If terrorism can be defined as violence used to further political goals or change, then Al Qaeda must have some raison d'etre. If Al Qaeda truly "hate our freedom" (as Bush and Blair state) then yes, I would support force against Al Qaeda. If Al Qaeda exist because of opposition to US foreign policy, then I believe a review of US foreign policy is in order.

I opposed the Iraq war, since I felt the UK had no business in attacking a country that was of no direct threat to us. Any threat to us has been over-stated and unsubstantiated by Tony Blair, since no weapons of mass destruction were discovered in Iraq. In my mind, the solution to the 7th July attacks in London is not to further aggravate Al Qaeda.