Friday, 25 November 2005

24 hour drinking

New Labour's plans for alcohol to be sold for 24 hours have come to fruition. Now pubs, bars and supermarkets can apply for licences to sell alcohol for 24 hours a day.

Will this "cure" the habit of binge drinking? Who cares if it does? It's a person's right to binge drink, really, considering it's their body to do what they please with.

One thing does trouble me though. It really shouldn't be the state who determines whether pubs and bars can serve alcohol for 24 hours a day. Let the market decide. If the demand for 24 hour opening exists (which it probably does) then a bar owner will cater for it. Only property owners should be able to determine whether their establishments open for 24 hours.

Will I take advantage of this new trend? Of course. What's wrong with having a beer or cider in the early hours?