Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Conservatives: "We must save freedoms"

Today was the second day of the Conservative Party conference. An article at the BBC News website seemed intriguing.

The Shadow Energy Secretary, David Willetts stated today that the Conservatives must protect personal freedoms and historic liberties.

He said:
"We believe in personal freedom, rooted in our historic liberties and protected by the common law and limited government. "

If this is the case, why have Conservative governments done little to advance personal freedoms in recent times? The Thatcher governments didn't and neither did John Major's government. The latter may have decreased the gay age of consent, but that level didn't equate with the heterosexual age. Again, the Conservatives call for smaller government. However, they actually do little to practically reduce the size and scope of government. A Conservative government would probably spend over 40% of GDP; that's hardly smaller government. A Tory government would also use force to govern and would ultimately be a party of big government.

Willetts also added:
"That underpins our commitment to a flexible market economy."

I'd like to ask Clarke, Davis, Cameron, etc. if they would reduce any regulations on business. Businessowners should be let free from governmental force and be able to administer their businesses without regulation.

Even if the Conservatives won the 2009/10 election, we would still have four/five years of big government. That's not something I enjoy looking forward to.