Sunday, 28 August 2005

Iraq extremism "warning"

A senior civil servant in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned the government last year that its foreign policies could create a climate of terrorism.

Foreign Office Permanent Secretary Michael Jay wrote a letter to the Cabinet Secretary stating that British foreign policy was a "key driver" in recruitment for Islamist extremists.

If the content of this leaked letter is true, then it confirms my suspicions.

I've stated in this blog prior to now that (IMO at least) foreign policy was a factor in the 7th July bombings. I do believe though that the overall reason for the existence of Al Qaeda is complex in origin.

Hey, maybe they actually DO "hate our freedoms" or at least certain aspects of Western lifestyles. Nevertheless, the actions of Western nations in the Middle East (notably those of the United States) is probably a major catalyst for the existence of Al Qaeda.

IMO, the solution to this problem is NOT to interfere in the affairs of other nations. Only direct attacks to the sovereignty of our country should be met with force.