Friday, 26 August 2005

We're ALL for smaller government

A recent article by Harry Browne seemed quite intriguing.

He stated that bickering between minarchists (of which I am one) and anarcho-capitalists is unnecessary. We should all unite, since we're all seeking smaller government. I'd concede that to be true in itself, still I'm not a great fan of anarcho-capitalism.

For one, I don't see how rights to the person and property can properly be defended within an anarcho-capitalist society. Of course, "private protection agencies" would exist. But how would these "agencies" be more efficient or better than a state-run police force?

Secondly, the concept of rival legal systems seems baffling. In theory, a group could establish Sharia law within an anarcho-capitalist society.

Personally I believe leftist anarchism (libertarian socialism, anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, etc.) provides a better argument against the existence of government. In reference to Mr. Browne's point, government simply is too big. Government expenditure in 2004 was over £400 billion. That is far too much. Ideally, government should only spend a figure approximate to 5-10% of GDP.

As Browne states in his article, force is the enemy and all libertarians (be they minarchist or anarcho-capitalist) should strive to reduce force from all human affairs.