Friday, 16 September 2005

Blair "defends" anti-terror plans

The PM has defended his government's plans to introduce new anti-terror legislation.

He said, "And the fact that someone who comes into our country, and maybe seeks refuge here, the fact that we say if, when you are here, you want to stay here, play by the rules, play fair, don't start inciting people to go and kill other innocent people in Britain.

"I think when people say this is an abrogation of our traditional civil liberties, I think it is possible to exaggerate that. I mean, as far as I know people have always accepted that with rights come responsibilities."

I would agree that with rights come duties, nonetheless I don't concur with the rationale behind this legislation.

New Labour is a horribly illiberal party. I feel that the terrorists win if further civil liberties are curtailed.

I don't believe at all in "inalienable" rights. Still, it should be the duty of government to uphold citizens' rights. All citizens should be free to live as they see fit, without initiating force or fraud against the person or property.