Sunday, 26 June 2005

Jack Straw and Iranian nuclear ambitions

The Foreign Secretary wants some reassurances from Iran regarding their nuclear programme.

Following the election of Ahmedinejad as Iranian president, there supposedly are some fears that Iran's nuclear programme would intensify.

'Lib Dem Sir Menzies Campbell warned of Middle East instability if Iran dodged its nuclear obligations.

"Any attempt to evade their responsibilities under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty could lead to great instability in the Middle East and concerted action against Iran through the United Nations," he said.'

Really, who are Britain, the United States or any other nation to dictate who possesses the right to possess nuclear weapons?

Remember the only country ever to have used nuclear weapons in wartime was the USA. And not everybody considers such an action either morally jusitified or ultimately necessary.

Even if Iran were lying in regards to the intentions behind its nuclear programme, the West shouldn't worry, nor care. Why does the USA or UK possess nukes? Bush or Tony Blair would probably state its for the protection of their nations' sovereignty. Well who is to say Iran should be denied the same right to protect itself? So-called 'rogue states' are probably seeking to defend themselves against US attack. After all, the United States never attacks (well at least under Bush) countries that can defend themselves. Look at Iraq and Afghanistan; there was never much doubt as to whether the USA could successfully invade these countries or not.