Saturday, 18 June 2005

EU summit 'anger'

Supposedly there have been several disagreements between European leaders after the latest EU summit.

French President Jacques Chirac has accused the British government of being 'pathetic' in regards to refusing to give up the rebate.

Tony Blair desires the French to abandon CAP funding of its farmers. Jacques Chirac naturally has dismissed such a suggestion.

I'm glad Blair has decided to retain the rebate, since we would pay fifteen times as much as France to the EU. Discussion amongst the EU leaders also centred on the constitution. As I've stated before, I oppose the constitution as I feel it's too supranational and too interventionist.

Regarding the European Union in general, I'd favour a group of sovereign countries who would co-operate on numerous issues. A confederation, in other words. I wouldn't like to see a federal Europe. I'm not sure what the general libertarian view towards the European Union is, or how most British libertarians view the European Union. Some on one hand advocate a UK withdrawal from the EU. Others are agnostic in their views.