Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Crime Bill to outlaw replica guns

The government are to propose a Bill that would outlaw the manufacture, import and sale of replica guns.

'Welcoming the move, Chief Superintendent Paul Robinson, who heads Scotland Yard's special firearms operational command unit, said: "It is often almost impossible to tell the difference between a real gun and a replica.

"For someone walking down a street, all they know is someone is waving a firearm at them.

"Police officers face exactly the same situation and have to make split-second decisions on how to act."

He added that banning sales of the guns would, in all likelihood, result in a drop in armed robberies and firearms incidents.'

I wonder if Mr. Robinson would realise that gun ownership might deter gun crime. I doubt an attacker would be as willing to attack if he faced a victim who was armed.

Ultimately gun laws violate the freedom of citizens to protect themselves and their property. The ownership of a firearm, in itself, does not violate the person or property of another.