Saturday, 4 June 2005

Live 8

An article today on the BBC News website seemed interesting today.

A BBC reporter was asking people in Accra (the capital of Ghana in West Africa) their opinions on the Live 8 concert being organised by Bob Geldof. Some were indifferent or oblivious to it, whilst others welcomed it.

As a libertarian I don't believe in state financed aid. Nonetheless, what Africa needs is access to Western markets. I don't really care if my fruit and vegetables come from Africa or Europe; as long as they are of satisfactory quality. The West needs to stop being protectionist, end all tariffs and non tariff barriers and cancel all debts from Third World nations.

I'm surprised by US President Bush's attitude towards this. He disagrees with Tony Blair regarding the need for debt relief. Isn't Bush a Christian? Such a belief doesn't sound very Christian to me. I suppose it's another reason for me to dislike him, huh?