Friday, 1 April 2005

New Labour's 'nation of homeowners'

Labour would seek to increase home ownership by one million, if they secure a third term in office. Gordon Brown stated that Labour wanted to create:

a "home-owning, wealth owning, asset-owning democracy" in Britain.

So would personal debt increase further under New Labour?

Labour also wish to build extra homes on former NHS land. However the Highways Agency

"gave warning yesterday that motorways and trunk roads in the South East would struggle to cope with the huge increase in commuting and that road tolls would have to be introduced to prevent gridlock."

Why exactly do houses have to be built in the South East? Granted, London is located in the South East of the country and due to this fact the South East is the richest part of the country. Nonetheless, I feel it's dangerous to have one part of the country as the engine for all UK growth. The South East cannot be built on perpetually.

People are supposedly leaving the North of England because there are greater opportunities elsewhere. Areas such as Scotland and the North East of England are among the slowest growing areas in the UK. Economic growth in the UK needs to be more balanced.