Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Teacher 'jailed' for firing pellet gun at vandals

Some might probably cite this as an example of how the English & Welsh judicial system possesses flaws. But, personally, I take a different view on it. A fourty-eight year old teacher fired a weapon at some 'yobbos' who had been vandalising her property and harassing her family.

Sentencing Walker, the judge told her the offences she had committed were "serious" and that her response to the incident had been "wholly disproportionate".

Heh, 'wholly disproportionate'?

This woman simply was defending her property rights against those who sought to violate them. How can such an act be so reprehensible? The means to protect property rights should not violate the person and propety of others. The article I posted is brief, but it doesn't state that she caused physical injury or harm to the 'yobbos'. 'Feelings' may have been hurt, but IMO no government should concern itself with legislating over hurt feelings.

Owning a gun in itself is victimless crime, i.e. a crime that does not violate other rights and is consensual. The use and ownership of firearms should only be curbed by government if they are used to violate others rights to person and property. The teacher in the story was only using a firearm to protect her own property.