Monday, 11 April 2005

Blair House of Lords reform

The PM has supposedly bowed to pressure to hold a free vote in the Commons' if Labour secure a third consecutive term in office.

The manifesto will also promise to strip the remaining 92 hereditary peers of their right to sit and vote in the chamber.

I believe this is a positive step forward. I don't find it equitable nor logical for politicians within a contemporary liberal democracy to have acquired legislative power by virtue of birth. I do not understand why this vote should be a free vote. This issue doesn't really classify as an issue of conscience, IMHO.

Such a move is to be included in the Labour party's manifesto. It would also include promises to review the first-past-the-post electoral system and pass a House of Lords reform Bill early in the new parliament.

I fully favour reform of the House of Lords and I believe a good proportion of its members should be elected. To re-iterate, the concept that some politicians acquire legislative power in a modern liberal democracy through virtue of birth is illogical. IMO, Tony Blair will be remembered (amongst other things) for reforming the constitution of the United Kingdom.