Monday, 11 April 2005

Conservatives' launch manifesto

The Tories are the first major party to launch their manifesto, for the May 5th election.

Mr Howard, pictured on the inside cover, writes in his introduction that Britain is "a great country... heading in the wrong direction" under Labour.

Promising to be "ambitious for our country", Mr Howard sets out his vision of a "successful and decent society".

I agree that the UK has a lot going for it and is a great country. But, personally, I don't believe the growth of government whether under Labour or Conservative would lead to a 'successful and decent society'.

I've browsed through the manifesto here and I think it is too contradictory. If the Tories truly want smaller government, then they should refrain from seeking to increase funding for the National Health Service.

I would be very tempted to vote for a Conservative party who were genuinely committed to reducing governmental expenditure as a proportion of GDP and (perhaps) greatly increasing social freedoms. I know such a thing occuring soon isn't likely, especially as the Tories are geared to enhancing 'public services'.