Sunday, 13 June 2004

EU parliament election results

The results for the European Parliament elections are to be released today. Supposedly the UKIP are believed to have made a strong showing. What amuses about the UKIP is how they are described in the press.

Some aspects call them an 'extremist' party. How is advocating a departure from the European Union 'extreme'? Some even call them racist, which is completely unsubstantiated. I've never heard of any racist policy or statement from any UKIP official or representative.

Overall UKIP won twelve seats on Thursday, which is as many as the Liberal Democrats managed to secure. Has a new force emerged in British politics? I'm not wholly sure. The Tories reckon that those who voted for UKIP would have voted Conservative; that may be true but the Tories really should be doing better in opinion polls especially since a general election is at least a year away.