Wednesday, 26 November 2003


Today, the Queen opened this session of Parliament with the Queen's Speech, which denotes all the legislation that is to be passed within the forthcoming session. Such proposed bills include improvements to the NHS, which Blair stated today was 'improving'.

The NHS is a supposed pride of the nation. Nonetheless , it IS unnecessary. Why should the state own ALL of the health infrastructure? Yes, there is PFI, nevertheless hospitals constructed using private money would still be state-run.

I fail to see why a system used in France or Germany (in which the health systems are not wholly state owned) cannot operate within the UK. The French and Germans are no poorer or unhealthier than we are as a result of having to pay for a proportion of their healthcare. Even the US has SOME state provision of health care (such as Medicare) even though the majority of health care is privately funded. Again, the Americans are no poorer or (on average) unhealthier.

From my libertarian perspective, I believe that all health care should be privately delivered within a free market. Competition would ensure that prices are low and services are acceptable.