Saturday, 13 March 2004

The Bombs in Madrid

Was it ETA or Al Qaeda? No one really knows, certainly at the time of writing this blog entry. If it were the latter, then is Spain being 'punished' for allying with the US and UK in Iraq?

If this were the case, then many other countries should have suffered in conjunction with Spain. I recall that Poland and Australia sent troops to fight in Iraq, albeit their fighting roles were of a lesser scale to the British and American forces. Could Britain be next, if the culprits of the bombings were Al Qaeda?

I hope not, for evident reasons. If we were targeted by Al Qaeda and a device was detonated within a British city, then Blair must be made culpable for this act. What other reason would Al Qaeda have to attack us other than allying ourselves with the US in Iraq and Afghanistan? An attack on the UK (and evidently anywhere else) would be reprehensible; so much that the PM should resign for indirectly causing such an act.

A war on terrorism simply breeds a new wave and generation of terrorists. The solution to ending terror is for specific Western nations to cease enraging, aggravating, bullying and terrorising other states in the world.

Sunday, 7 March 2004


Michael Howard has stated that he wishes the Conservative Party to be the party of 'small government'. He believes that Britain is becoming over taxed under a New Labour government. Such rhetoric reminds me of the musings of American conservatives. When George W. Bush was running for President of the United States, he often said that he wanted to reduce the size and scope of the US federal government. Has he done so now he is the President? Of course not. How can the War on Terror be equated with reducing the size of government?

I fear that the same is true of the Conservative Party in our country. If Mr. Howard TRULY believes in smaller government, he should seek to end the state monopoly that is the NHS, for example. Of course I may be biased, but only libertarians can sincerely advocate in favour of smaller government. People should be free to live their lives as THEY choose and only be punished if violating others' rights to person and property.