Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Sun to 'support New Labour'

The Sun newspaper has decided to support Labour in the 5th May general election. The paper states that Labour have to be commended on their economic record. But they disapprove of New Labour's record on asylum/immigration and the enhancement of public services.

The United Kingdom is a liberal democracy, but even still find it dangerous for newspapers to attempt to sway public opinion in such a manner. Ultimately, it could be argued that media moguls would favour anybody whose policies would increase their readership and profits. Even in a libertarian society, this is something I'd personally be weary of.

Remember 1992? The Sun famously claimed 'It was the Sun wot won it'. Excusing the poor grammar of their claim, there may be some truth in such a statement. The Sun backed John Major and the Conservatives and heavily rebuked Kinnock's Labour party.

OK, yes the Sun supported Labour in 1997 and 2001, but many would have stated the outcome of these elections was apparent prior to polling day.